Scheduling for Cellular Therapy

With Eceptionist, cellular therapy labs and manufacturing organizations can streamline the scheduling and collaboration between their clinicians, customers and stakeholders with both centralized and decentralized scheduling models. Incoming requests for orders and appointments can be managed within the application and routed through the appropriate workflow to ensure requests are allocated to the right resources in time.

Eceptionist provides tools for collecting and calculating data in all aspects of the request and scheduling processes. A suite of reports are provided to output actionable data analytics that can be generated on-demand. Customers realize opportunities to gain efficiencies and maximize processing availability after using Eceptionist to manage the scheduling of their lab resources.

  • Sophisticated Scheduling Engine Simplifies The Users’ Scheduling Experience
  • Optimize Scheduling Process With More Visibility Into Resource Availability And Capacity
  • Configure Multiple Workflows To Manage The Service Request Process

“Eceptionist worked closely with us to meet the very complicated scheduling and workflow needs of our various programs. Their ability to allow clinical schedulers to directly book laboratory processing and requests that require a series of appointments to be booked over a single day, or weeks and months will allow us to better schedule, utilize and grow our capabilities over time. ”

– Olive Sturtevant, BA, MT (ASCP), SBB, SLS, MHP, Administrative Director of CMCF – Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Complex Scheduling Made Easy

There isn’t another scheduling tool in the market that supports the complicated scheduling needs of a cellular therapy program like the Eceptionist platform. Organizations will realize time saving efforts and gain a quantitative view into how their resources are being utilized with our Enterprise Scheduling Manager for Lab Management. Scheduling multi-week processes and all the associated resources can be done in a few simple clicks because the Enterprise Manager scheduling engine provides the ability to define and configure new procedures, protocols, and clinical trials as needed.

Lab Managers will set-up their own scheduling parameters defining the minimum and maximum processing time for each step,  the qualified personnel and required equipment resources, along with rules to ensure the processes are scheduled on the rights days of the week to the right resources.  Eceptionist will provide hands-on training to put the power of configuration in the hands of our customer.

Coordinated Scheduling

Eceptionist contains a sophisticated scheduling engine that supports the complex scheduling of protocols and clinical trials for cellular therapy labs. Leveraging a robust scheduling wizard organizations can configure multi-step, multi-day processes in the form of a series of appointments that users can schedule in a few simple clicks. Multiple calendar views provide visibility into resource utilization and capacity with work queues and personal views for technologists to manage their daily/weekly tasks.

Generate Real-Time Data

Eceptionist’s reports and data analytic views provide actionable data that is specific to the needs of cellular therapy labs. Powerful reporting tools generate real time data about laboratory capacity, technologist and equipment utilization. Eceptionist’s comes with a library of canned reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled to generate on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Maximize Process Availability

Capture performance data for each procedure. Identify gaps in resource availability and opportunities for increased efficiency. Lab administrators can maintain control over the master schedule while providing resource visibility to stakeholders and clinical team.


Integrating Eceptionist with other applications can help organizations  maintain data integrity and eliminate the inefficiency of data duplication. Eceptionist supports multiple versions of HL7, web services, TCP/IP, COM API and other customized interfaces and is frequently integrated with third party systems such as EHR’s, patient registries, Microsoft Exchange and active directory.

We think there is nothing like the experience of Eceptionist – but you be the judge.

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