Eceptionist and Ambra Health Partner for Seamless Image-Enabled Second Opinion Referrals

NEW YORK, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ambra Health, maker of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite and Eceptionist, the leading provider of cloud-based software for referral management, scheduling and telehealth today announced a new collaboration. The partnership integrates Ambra Health’s image management, viewing and exchange tools directly within Eceptionist’s platform.

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, Texas is the architect behind the integrated solution to enhance the international patient experience. The renowned medical center is sought out by patients internationally for its exceptional medical care. Eceptionist is used by the International Services Department to manage the referral and coordination of patients’ needs from around the world. Now with the Ambra integration, images can be uploaded, viewed and shared directly within the Eceptionist portal.

“Prior to this solution, patients used to bring their medical imaging on a CD. The process was inefficient and slow. At Baylor St. Luke’s, we are always looking to improve our patient’s experience. Discovering Ambra Health was a game changer. With this integration, patients can upload their images and medical records in a simple secure transaction in Eceptionist’s secure platform that is accessible to our physicians,” said Tania Matar, VP of International Services, Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

“Medical imaging is a critical component for second opinions yet the process to share can be cumbersome and time consuming for hospitals that don’t have a digital management system in place,” said Andrew Duckworth, VP of Business Development for Ambra Health. “We’ve streamlined the process by partnering with Eceptionist to offer instant image transfer and management directly within their referring portal.”

Ambra Health’s HIPAA compliant solution makes it easy for patients to securely upload complex medical images along with their associated reports, improving the process for patients and providers alike.

Eceptionist provides cloud-based SaaS solutions for the healthcare industry for referral management, e-consults, second opinions along with streamlined scheduling, virtual visits and overall telehealth management.

“We’re seeing huge growth in our eConsult and Second Opinion offerings as borders continue to dissolve in the global healthcare market,” notes Trey Havlick, CEO of Eceptionist. “This partnership with Ambra Health improves our customers’ ability to deliver patient care across the globe with instant image transfer, eConsult and second opinion from a single platform.”

Learn more about Eceptionist and Ambra Health’s partnership here.

About Ambra Health
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Eceptionist ( is a leading provider of software solutions for the health care industry with a cloud-based platform for referral management, e-consults, streamlined scheduling, virtual visits and overall telehealth management. Since 2001, Eceptionist has been helping clients reduce costs and optimize the delivery of healthcare services. Utilizing the Eceptionist family of services and tools, organizations can better manage healthcare delivery across departments, sites, health systems, communities, ACO’s, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), Trusts and countries. The Eceptionist platform supports intelligent scheduling, telemedicine, intelligent referral and triage management, wait list and wait time management, case management, care pathways, protocols and reporting for facilities and hospitals around the world