Eceptionist Announces Teledermatology Educational Role in Conjunction with the British Association of Dermatologists Course in the United Kingdom

LONDON & HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eceptionist, a world leader in providing healthcare organisations with cloud-based software solutions around referral management, e-consults, scheduling and Telehealth, recently took part in a nationwide Teledermatology skills and practice course across the United Kingdom (UK). The Eceptionist “Telehealth Manager” and “Triage & E-Referral Manager” solution were used as a platform among a variety of Dermatologists in an effort to provide a practical course in the service delivery of Teledermatology services. This effort, organised by members of the British Teledermatology Society and hosted by the British Association of Dermatologists, was meant as training to show key features of a clinical Teledermatology practice and illustrate safe and useful options for patients while appealing to primary and secondary Dermatological care. Specifically, the course working with Eceptionist covered core elements in a Teledermatology practice and in particular, the safe triage and management of pigmented lesions. The training further consisted of educating physicians (from many NHS locations across the UK) on the advantages of affordable web-based, cloud-driven technology to their Dermatology practices. The Eceptionist platform and service was used to schedule, prioritise and address these various issues during the training.

“Eceptionist did an outstanding job on quickly setting up the service for our training sessions and getting the relevant information out to the Dermatologists. The Eceptionist platform is one I have personally had in use for many years and their service is unparalleled along with their storied knowledge of health globally,” said Dr. Saul Halpern of the NHS Medway Trust.

“Eceptionist was proud to be a part of and support the British Association of Dermatologists’ skills and practice educational session. Eceptionist has 15 years’ experience in Teledermatology in the UK alone with experience supporting similar services across the globe. We feel we are in a unique position of knowledge around the practice of Teledermatology,” says Dirk Voorhees, Principal at Eceptionist.

Eceptionist ( is a leading provider of software solutions for the health care industry with a cloud-based platform for referral management, e-consults, streamlined scheduling, virtual visits and overall telehealth management. Since 2001, Eceptionist has been helping clients reduce costs and optimise the delivery of healthcare services. Utilising the Eceptionist family of services and tools, organisations can better manage healthcare delivered across departments, sites, health systems, communities, ACO’s, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), Trusts and countries. The Eceptionist platform supports intelligent scheduling, telemedicine, intelligent referral and triage management, wait list and wait time management, case management, care pathways, protocols and reporting for facilities and hospitals around the world.

Deborah Jones