Eceptionist chosen by CIO Review magazine as one of 50 most promising healthcare solution providers.

As healthcare referrals go, the channels of communication are multifaceted, and the systems in place for conveying critical patient information are outdated and often do not meet the objectives of the environment. The healthcare ecosystem needs a technology and service that can send referrals to the right providers while supporting the required workflow, network rules and objectives required by the service. Referrals must be routed appropriately, not fall through the cracks and be supported by a technology enabled process that allows for alternative services, such as eConsults and telehealth, to minimize unnecessary referrals and improve patient care. The subsequent scheduling of the referrals themselves soon follows suit, completing the lifecycle.

Integration of these features within the physician’s clinic and the overall health systems poses challenges, especially with the efficient management and coordination of referrals across the different points in a healthcare economy. Eceptionist provides a collaborative cloud-based platform with modules for intelligent referral management and routing, comprehensive tele-health management and complex scheduling. As CEO, Trey Havlick explains, “Our product works seamlessly from the creation of the referral through to the triaging of the request and the subsequent routing of the eConsult and/or scheduling of the in-person or virtual e-visit—all while doing this within the guidelines and network rules of the organization providing the service.”

The Eceptionist team has far-reaching expertise in its understanding of the operations of healthcare systems. This expertise translates into the actual platform itself, which is comprised of different modules that work seamlessly with one another. Referrals in Eceptionist are routed throughout healthcare institutions based on client configured business rules. Eceptionist emphasizes training throughout the course of the implementation so that the customer becomes proficient using and configuring their own evolving workflows and business rules. “It is their tool and they can customize it themselves as their needs and requirements evolve. They can do it very broadly and across different specialties and even their whole continuum of care,” adds Havlick.

Over the years, Eceptionist has worked in depth on the client onboarding process to continually improve the implementation and training experience. The application is rich with options, so much emphasis is placed on helping customers understand, document and realize their project goals within the platform.

Eceptionist helps clients understand that beyond usage—they can manipulate the system to make it fit in their environment, by challenging themselves and innovating to realizing their ideas within the application. Eceptionist’s implementation methodology training process, and the work that they put around their documentation, training, and online sessions, has become the key to their deployment.

Eceptionist is engaged in large variety of implementations across the US and globally. Dana Farber Cancer Institute selected Eceptionist to help them streamline the scheduling and communication process for customers, maximize processing availability, and generate real-time data about laboratory space, technologist, and equipment utilization for better planning and management. Eceptionist is being used to manage referrals for multiple health systems and as a platform supporting comprehensive telehealth programs across the globe.

Eceptionist is available by way of multiple options including a SaaS offering (based on Azure or AWS), enabling user access to any degree desired—from a large implementation down to smaller clinics or individuals. That is the vision for Eceptionist in their pursuit to deliver the purest range of visibility to their clients.