CritiCall Ontario Continues with Eceptionist as Its Preferred Technology Partner for Providing Essential Services to Urgent and Emergent Patients

Eceptionist, Inc. – Houston, Texas – Eceptionist is proud to announce an extension to its expanding partnership with CritiCall Ontario. Since originally contracting with Eceptionist over a decade ago, CritiCall Ontario’s portfolio of services has undergone tremendous growth.  Eceptionist the underlying technology, is the primary application and a major integrator of information in CritiCall Ontario’s Call Centre. “CritiCall Ontario is a flagship partner in the emergency healthcare space,” asserts Trey Havlick, CEO of Eceptionist, “Their program innovation has directed cutting edge software development within our application that can now be broadly applied to similar programs around the globe.”

CritiCall Ontario provides a unique and essential service to hospital-based physicians in Ontario, Canada. Through a provincial Call Centre, CritiCall Ontario offers physicians access to specialist medical consultations and if necessary, patient referral to higher level of care hospitals in the province. This service is available 24/7/365 as part of the province’s health care system to support urgent and emergent patients.

The program began in the late 1980’s as a regional solution to support physicians working in smaller hospitals with less access to specialty resources and expertise. In 1996, the scope expanded to include case facilitation for urgent and emergent patients throughout the entire province and since then, case volumes have increased steadily year after year.

CritiCall Ontario partnered with Eceptionist back in 2009 with the introduction of an automated case documentation system to support the Call Centre. The two organizations have continued to work together to build on the software solution to enhance its ability to meet CritiCall Ontario’s dynamic and progressive needs.

“Our partnership with Eceptionist has been very important to the growth and development of our Call Centre service,” said Isabel Hayward, Interim Executive Director for CritiCall Ontario. “They’ve provided us with an adaptable solution that has been able to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our business while supporting our ongoing requirement to maintain clear and concise records for the cases we facilitate.”

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