Our Customers

Eceptionist’s Existing Customers Represent a Broad Range of Industries.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Large hospitals, health systems and healthcare networks around the world use Eceptionist to:

  • Manage their referral ecosystem
  • Schedule and manage advanced telehealth programs including eConsult services.
  • Connect disparate services and technologies with a centralized management platform. 
  • Manage their second option and international services programs.

Public Health Systems

Eceptionist is deployed throughout Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to manage large sector, public health programs. Currently in use by Health Trusts, Regional Health Authorities and National Health Systems across multiple continents, Eceptionst’s program management tools are well suited to support the complexities of deploying a software application across a vast geographic area consisting of hundreds, if not thousands of sites. 

Correctional Care

State-wide correctional Institutions have deployed Eceptionist to support the management, transportation and coordination of inmate care across multiple sites and regions. Most department of corrections use Eceptionist to manage referrals of inmates into contracted healthcare providers, followed by appointment scheduling of either an in-person or telehealth appointment. By supporting the expansion of telemedicine, Eceptionist helps to reduce the cost and liability associated with transferring inmates to specialty care. 

Insurance Companies

Eceptionist’s triage, workflow and request management solutions offer the insurance industry a tool for managing employee health, prior authorization and worker’s compensation programs. Eceptionist is deployed regionally throughout Canada to support various types of insurance programs.

Call Centers

Eceptionist integrates with call center technologies so that healthcare call centers can automatically manage incoming and outgoing calls in a single, integrated solution that also supports their healthcare delivery process. Eceptionist’s triage and request solutions are currently integrated with:

  • High-volume call center environments that triage urgent and emergent patients
  • Centralized referral processing centers.

Cell Therapy Labs

Eceptionist’s complex scheduling engine supports cellular therapy programs scheduling of procedures, protocols and clinical trials. When combined with the triage and request functions, Eceptionist’s custom cellular therapy features allow labs to better manage their resources, capacity and workflow.