Spend less time scheduling and more time delivering patient care

Eceptionist is being used around the globe to schedule the following services:

  •  Primary Care
  •  Specialty Services
  •  Patient Self-Scheduling
  •  Inpatient Hospital
  •  Surgical
  •  Cell Therapy
  •  Pre-Planning (Oncology) 
  •  Immunization Clinics 
  •  Cancer Treatment
  •  Occupational Health
  •  Telehealth

Eceptionist’s Enterprise Scheduling Solution functions as a standalone platform, or with integration, as an extension to your existing scheduling technology. Eceptionist provides a robust set of scheduling tools and calendar views to simplify the scheduling process. 

Benefits of Eceptionist’s Enterprise Scheduling Solution:

    • Sophisticated scheduling engine simplifies the user’s scheduling experience
    • Schedule both in-person and virtual visits within a single application
    • Customizable appointment notifications; reduce no-shows
    • Optimize staff resources
    • Increase patient satisfaction with a consumer portal for patient self-scheduling
    • Supports centralized and decentralized scheduling by specialty and/or location
    • Schedule your patients into a single or recurring appointments

Enterprise Scheduling

Eceptionist supports scheduling of patients for both inpatient and outpatient services for large healthcare organizations and hospitals across communities, regions and even countries. Patients can be scheduled into a single appointment or a care plan that consists of a series of appointments. Manage and schedule all the resources required for delivering timely care including rooms, beds, equipment, appointment type/ length, and clinical personnel.

Patient Self Scheduling

Save time and resources by providing patients with the ability to schedule and cancel their own appointments. This function can be limited to certain specialties and appointment types, thus allowing patients to schedule simple services while leaving the complex scheduling to staff. 

Cellular Therapy

There isn’t another scheduling tool on the market that supports the complicated scheduling needs of a cellular therapy program like the Eceptionist platform. Organizations will realize time savings and gain a quantitative view into how their resources are being utilized with our Enterprise Scheduling for Lab Management. Learn More>>

Occupational Health

Private and public employee health programs use Eceptionist to improve workplace health and safety. When the worker becomes a patient, a scheduling system that is flexible and can integrate with 3rd party systems is important to managing worker appointments and back to work plans. Combine employee scheduling with Eceptionist’s Referral and Request Management tools, and employee health programs find Eceptionist provides them with a comprehensive platform that easily supports workplace health.

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