Incorporate eConsult into Your Healthcare Delivery to Increase Access to Specialty Care

Eceptionist’s eConsult Solution improves patient access to services, reduces wait time for in person appointments and generally makes the healthcare delivery process more efficient. The Eceptionist eConsult platform provides a secure communication channel between primary care and specialist or from specialist to specialist to share health information for the purpose of getting recommendations and/or diagnoses about patient health related conditions. 

of Eceptionist’s eConsult Solution:

  •  Simple, intuitive form design for sharing notes and attaching multiple file types, including document, photos, videos and patient charts.
  •  Convert an eConsult to a referral in a single application
  •  Automatically route eConsults to a single or group of specialists or allow providers to choose a specific recipient.
  •  Both the sender and receiver can monitor the status of their eConsults on queues and receive notifications when an eConsult needs their attention.

eConsult Workflow

eConsults reduce unnecessary referrals and helps specialists educate primary care providers how to make better referrals.