Referral Management

An interoperable, secure referral solution that facilitates referral tracking, intelligent workflows and a closed loop referral process.

Your transitions of care will be seamless and efficient with Eceptionist’s Referral Solution.

A powerful workflow engine and the ability to insert intelligent rules and clinical guidelines ensures that referrals are prioritized correctly and route to the appropriate specialty with the right information.

Electronically transfer documents, tests, and lab results, along with a patient clinical history to ensure referrals are routed to the appropriate service.


Benefits of Eceptionist's Referral Solution


Drives referral efficiency and reduces leakage with accurate real time tracking and analytics that increase visibility into network referral patterns


Insert clinical guidelines and requirements into the referral process to reduce the administrative burden of managing incoming and unnecessary referrals.


Intelligent workflows tools improve efficiency by reducing referral processing time by as much as 50%.


Scale your program to include Eceptionist’s eConsult and Telehealth solutions to increase patient access to specialty care and optimize internal resources.

Improved Workflow Management

  • Configurable business rules for any service delivery process
  • Tracking reports to identify bottleneck and opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Manage multiple workflows in a single implementation

Enhanced Referral Processes

  • Capture incoming referrals from multiple organization points
  • Automatically route referrals to the appropriate source
  • Validation tools reduce inappropriate referrals
  • Provide care visibility to both the PCP and Specialists

Eceptionist will streamline care coordination and ensure better outcomes for transitions of care. 

The Bottomline

Referral leakage may be responsible for as much of 65% of lost health system revenue when referrals are sent outside the network, specialty resources are misused, and patients don’t show for appointments. A well-designed referral management solution can help improve your organization’s bottom line as our customer can attest to the following: 

  • Reduced referral cycle time reductions by 50% – Healthcare system
  •  Reduced referral cycle and administrative costs producing a return of investment of 390% – Health system with referral call center 
    • $8.9M positive affect to revenue by reducing time from referral to treatment and referral to surgery – University Medical Center
    • Reduction in FTEs required to process/issue referrals; avoidance of adding staff as referral volumes grow – University Medical Center
  • Reduced total referral workflow cycle by 14 days from referral to visit to claim to reporting – Healthcare System
  • $14M revenue increase over 7 years from reduced leakage – Healthcare System

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