Request Management

Eceptionist’s Triage & eRequest Solution can be utilized to manage the request of services – from an appointment request submitted into a healthcare organization to a request for prior authorization from an insurance carrier.

Powered by the same configuration tools and workflow engine that drives Eceptionist’s advanced referral solution, an Eceptionist eRequest can be configured to support multiple services, workflows, and allocation logic. Here’s how our customer are leveraging the power of Eceptionist to manage the delivery of services from the moment a need is identified to final delivery.

eRequests & Scheduling

Customers frequently pair Eceptionist’s Enterprise and Telehealth scheduling functions with the Triage & eRequest solution to implement a start to finish workflow that begins from the moment a need for patient or employee care is identified. Using Eceptionist to initiate the request for an appointment, requesters are guided to make the right request with the appropriate information. 

Eceptionist’s intelligent request tool will present response-based questions to requesters to automatically route their requests to the right service or priority. Embedded guidelines will ensure the appropriate medical history is attached or that necessary labs are conducted in advance of the appointment.

eRequest as Standalone Solution for . . .

Case Management

Customers are leveraging Eceptionist’s request management tools to support the unique workflows and data requirements of Case Management for patient wellness and employee health programs. The reason Eceptionist can be implemented to support these programs is due to the flexibility of the software to be configured to a wide variety of data requirements, workflows and other role-based logic. 

Waitlist Management

Eceptionist’s Waitlist Solution provides healthcare organizations the ability to manage the wait list and time of high-demand services. Offering configurable queues that provide powerful filters and reporting options, organizations are able to easily determine where a patient is in the waitlist, how long a request has remained at a particular status and overall what is the efficiency and inefficiencies within the waitlist process. 

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