With VaxManager’s intelligent scheduling and patient communication tools, busy immunization clinics will increase their capacity, reduce administrative burden and ensure the most vulnerable among us are protected.

VaxManager is a SAAS solution for busy immunization clinics. The platform addresses your existing resource constraints with powerful tools for automated screening and prioritizaton of high-risk populations to more efficiently distribute the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

VaxManager offers patients an easy-to-use self scheduling and request portal where they can schedule and manage immunization appointments from their PC or mobile device.

With VaxManager your clinic can leverage Patient engagement tools provide a mechanism for communication with those who need a 2nd dose or post immunization follow up. Alleviate staff burden and reduce call volume when you use VaxManager to streamline your patient scheduling process.

  • Web-based solution, mobile-friendly UI
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Self-service patient screening
  • Track patient check-ins and no-shows
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Upload / manage patient population
  • Interoperable with clinical systems (HL7, FHIR, API)
  • Quick and easy onboarding process

Online Scheduling

Web-based clinical scheduling and calendar management

Simple and affordable, VaxManager allows patients to self-triage and schedule their own immunizations.

You manage capacity and patient traffic through your clinic; patients manage their own preventative healthcare.

Automated Triage & Screening

Response based questions and intelligent patient screening integrated into the scheduling and request workflow

Patient Self-Service

Patient self-registration for scheduling and managing appointments, appointment check-ins and requests

Control Patient Flow

Align schedule to resources; patient check-in management; utilize waitlist queues when capacity is at a maximum

Appointment Reminders & Follow Up

Reduce no-shows with patient reminders, track and remind patients who need to return for subsequent doses, send post-vaccine surveys

We think there is nothing like the experience of Eceptionist – but you be the judge.

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