While Eceptionist is an application that can work on a standalone basis, it has been designed to easily interface with other systems and hardware devices


  • Designed to easily interface with third party systems 
  • Integrates with other systems at the:

Database level

– Application Level

– Embedded System Level

Integration Examples – Offering a set of interfaces to support integration, Eceptionist supports multiple versions of HL7, web services, TCP/IP, COM API and other customized interfaces. 

  • HL7, Web Services, Embedded Pages, Integration Engines: 
  • Clinical Information Systems (Cerner, Epic, GE, etc.)
  • Patient/Provider/Service Registries
  • Exchange Server
  • Mapping/Distance Calculation Tools
  •  Video Conference Infrastructure (Cisco, Polycom, etc.)
  • Call Center Solutions (Oracle, Cisco, etc.)
  • Authentication Tools (Active Directory, ADFS, etc.)
  • Fax in / Fax Out

Workflow Engine

All Eceptionist Solutions are powered by a powerful workflow engine that supports implementing multiple workflows in a single instance. Different workflows can be configured with unique rules to support the varying needs of all service types from cardiology to dermatology to surgical workflows. Workflows can additionally be configured to support different types of requests (i.e., referral vs. e-consult) with various priorities.

Configuration Tools

A major competitive advantage of Eceptionist is the flexibility to easily configure the application to support a wide variety of service applications. All Eceptionist solutions offer configuration tools that place the power to manage the technology in the hands of our customers.  These tools are the building blocks of the Eceptionist application and allow for easy configuration of the following:

  • Custom Forms Templates
  • Referral / eConsult / Request
    • Actions and Statuses 
    • Assignment and Allocation
    • Queue Management
  • Specialties and Service Lists and Mapping
  • Field Naming Conventions & Validation Rules
  • Email and Text Notification Triggers and Content
  • Care Pathways
  • Task Lists
  • Workflows

More Technology Benefits

    • HIPPA / GDPR /PHIPA  Compliant
    • Single Sign-On
    • Robust Reporting